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Consecutive interpreting

Our interpreters help you communicate with persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and the Deaf (in the case of sign language interpreting) to bring a level of equality. They approach each assignment with professionalism, sensitivity, dignity and respect for those with whom they interact.

Professional interpreters display people skills and a working knowledge of the subject matter they are interpreting. This is almost as crucial as their language and cultural understanding. Preference is given to trained, accredited, certified and/or tested (CILISAT or Cultural Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool/ILSAT or Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment Tool) language professionals.

Our interpreter selection takes into account:

  • Languages spoken, countries resided in and level of education received in each country 

  • Linguist degrees, certifications, testing and training 

  • Experience of areas of practice and years 

  • Context-specific training and terminology 

  • Performance history

Research indicates that relying on a highly certified Interpreting Services Provider is and will for some time remain the most reliable manner in which to receive quality service. All Languages is certified by Canada's highest community interpreting standard.