The squeeze is on ... do more with less!

We understand that the mandate in public services is to generate savings, adhere to policies and meet mandatory requirements. We are able to create solutions that align with your organization's strategy and meet the language-services needs of your stakeholders and community.

We will collaborate with you to provide innovative solutions that ultimately deliver lower costs and higher quality.

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Control costs

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We can show you how to manage your translation and interpreting budgets more effectively and maximize value for your dollar. We are very transparent when it comes to pricing structures and will share our knowledge on how to generate volume discounts. When you have a better understanding of how translation and/or interpreting pricing works, you will be able to make better buying decisions.

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Reduce out-of-pocket costs

Here are a few steps you can take to start the cost-reduction process. They are components of a larger strategic pricing strategy that we would put together for you:

  • Calculate your organization's total expenditures.
  • Perform a price/value analysis.
  • Consolidate your business with a single vendor that can provide all the services you require.
  • Leverage your buying power and negotiate volume discounts.
  • Seek early payment discounts to capture all potential savings.

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Reduce administration costs

Few organizations have quantified the cost of time and effort to administer their language-services programs. Substantial ongoing savings can be realized by enabling us to suggest ways to improve your current processes and reports. Here are a few of the steps we take:

  • Review your current processes and develop one standardized order-to-cash process.
  • Review your current reports, suggest improvements and utilize our IT department to build customized solutions.
  • Utilize our Project Management services to create and deliver a change management plan.

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Meet directives

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New rules for reporting and accountability?

We're responsive and accountable.

We understand that you are being held accountable for the results of your procurement decisions and need reliable vendors that will hit targets and provide performance metrics.

Our approach is to fully understand the current state of your procurement rules and policies, document them, and follow them without fail.

We also implement quality-assurance processes that report on compliance with a Master Contract or Statement of Work which typically includes pricing, quality and service-level requirements.

Need to deliver more value for your dollar?

Our advanced technologies can do it.

Every organization has its own idea about what constitutes value based on product quality, service support, delivery performance, supplier know-how, personal interaction, price, and administration costs.

Once we understand what each component means to you, we will leverage our infrastructure to deliver more than you imagined.

We will customize reports and processes that map to your needs, plus determine ways to continually reduce costs.

Deliver quality language translation and interpreting services

 quality translation and interpretation

Quality control processes continually improve customer satisfaction.

Backed by our commitment to quality, we have revolutionized translation and interpretation through ongoing innovation and development, resulting in quality language services.

The selection of our interpreters and translators, as well as our service delivery, are certified to the highest Canadian and European standards.

Our goal is to foster effective, consistent multilingual communications that bridge the gap between languages.

Experienced coordinators match the right linguist to the job.

Our coordinators are carefully trained to understand your requirements and select the right translator or interpreter based on the linguist's area of proficiency. The coordinators work in a team environment so that you can always get fast answers to your questions, or place an order without delay.

We retain highly qualified professionals using both in-house and contracted resources to meet a wide variety of service and volume-level requests.

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    our experts.



Internal translation departments can be deceptively costly and time-consuming to operate. Organizations often underestimate the idiosyncrasies and resources it takes to effectively operate in-house translation departments.

If you're a public corporation that has extensive needs for translation services, you may reap substantial benefits from outsourcing some, or all, of your translation requirements. If you're looking to lower your overall costs, increase turnaround time and improve consistency and quality—we'd be happy to provide an expert ROI analysis and business plan for your organization.

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Formal Tendering


Without specialized knowledge, preparing RFPs for Translation and/or Interpreting projects can be intricate and quite difficult to leverage in your favor. Leave the specialization to us—our proven approach can help you pinpoint high-value vendors, which in turn can reduce costs and increase effectiveness. Our expert team will work in tandem with your Purchasing Department and can provide guidance:

  • Mapping the scope of work for your projects, based on your operational needs
  • Training your team to develop sourcing strategies and better understand the decision-making process
  • Tailoring comprehensive pricing strategies, with alternative options
  • Creating effective RFPs that are ready-to-deliver

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As your organization acquires a larger translation asset base, managing it becomes considerably more complicated and expensive. Laying a strong foundation at the start will allow the consistency and quality of your translation assets to grow naturally with scalability by following our recommended best practices:

  • Creation of style guides (with term glossaries)
  • Extraction of industry-specific terminology
  • Proper utilization of a centralized Termbase (TB) and Translation Memory (TM)

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