Resource selection

Our interpreter selection process follows a well-established on-dossier process similar to what is used by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). The factors considered during our recruiting process include:

  • Languages spoken, countries resided in and level of education received in each country
  • Linguist degrees, certifications, testing and training
  • Having passed a Language test (CILISAT / ILSAT / etc.)
  • Years experience within specific areas of practice
  • Context-specific training and terminology
  • Performance history
  • Certification status by any recognized body such as the IRB or Ministry of Attorney General

Interpreters who work with us typically have:

  • A BA degree (not necessarily in languages or linguistics)
  • Native or nearly native-level fluency in the foreign language as well as in English
  • Greater than one year of specialized experience in interpreting, translating or other such experience requiring the use of English and the foreign language for which the interpretation/translation is being provided
  • A passing mark on a language proficiency test (Or better yet, “An excellent mark”…)
  • Superior oral communication and customer service skills