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Sell your language business

Join forces with Canada’s leading language services provider.

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Why sell to All Languages?

Whether you’re looking to continue working in the business or sell up entirely, there are considerable benefits to partnering with All Languages.

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Retire, or work as you like

Say goodbye to the hassle of business ownership and achieve the work/life balance you’ve been looking for. We’ll negotiate compensation for the value of your business, and you can tell us which types of work bring you joy.  We will work with you to leverage your expertise and availability to create even more win-wins.

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Expertise and technology

Leave your old IT headaches behind, and take advantage of All Languages’ advanced in-house technology. We’re committed to the company-wide provision of world-class tools and support. As a result, all our clients, staff, and linguists enjoy an optimal translation and interpreting user experience.

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Focus on excellence

You, your staff, vendors and clients could be working alongside Canada’s language industry leaders. Our mission, to help people communicate through the power of language, innovation, and service excellence, underpins our unparalleled range of world-class interpreting and translation services.

Great rewards. Flexible delivery.

Stay working in your business after you sell.

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Continuous client satisfaction

At All Languages, we believe it is paramount to maintain the satisfaction of your clients, vendors and staff following an acquisition.

That’s why, when we acquire a new business, we pay considerable attention to clear and consistent messaging with your existing customers.

We are committed to seamless service delivery while maintaining quality levels which exceed expectations.

Most importantly, when it comes to your clients and your team, we don’t presume their patronage.

We are focused on building their trust, ensuring a continuation of service, and gently demonstrating the benefits of working with Canada’s leading language services provider.

    A win-win language partnership

    Canada has an abundance of talented translation, interpreting, copy editing, and related linguistic services businesses. At All Languages, we’re determined to ensure our clients benefit from this wealth of experience.

    Joining with All Languages is a great way to create a legacy for your business, increase client service offerings, and potentially continue working as a consultant.

    While we pride ourselves on adding value to your client base, we also believe we can learn much from your team’s experience and expertise.

    In every business we acquire, we seek to maximize the benefit to you, your clients, your team, and our extensive family of All Languages clients, consultants, and language professionals.

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    Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages and locales for over 50 years

    We are Canadian French translation experts and work with more than 500 languages. Our team personally manages client projects following global best practices using our world-class infrastructure. Plus, we only assign pre-qualified linguists who have executed contracts and pass per project quality assessments.