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Languages Supported

We are the multilingual specialists you can count on, with thousands of qualified translators and interpreters supporting more than 500 languages and dialects from every corner of the globe. 

True multilingual specialists

We produce all translations using our own resources and operations. We also provide interpreting services nationally and have a full resource of vendors. All Languages does not outsource languages of lesser diffusion.


English-to-Canadian French translations, and vice versa

These are by far our highest volume language pairings. Our Quebec French translation service can help you effectively expand nationwide, as well as comply with federal and provincial language laws.

Multilingual and into-English translation

Buy Canadian. We are the world’s most multicultural country and education levels are amongst the highest. Into English and the other 185+ language pairings represent the bulk of our translation volume.

Multilingual translations

We have a full resource base of qualified translators vetted to deliver both spoken and visual languages service. Whether signed, of lesser diffusion or Canadian French, our people are located across Canada.

Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages and locales for over 50 years

We are Canadian French translation experts and work with more than 500 languages. Our team personally manages client projects following global best practices using our world-class infrastructure. Plus, we only assign pre-qualified linguists who have executed contracts and pass per project quality assessments.