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Need a written record of your conversation? Transcription is ideal for law enforcement, legal, insurance, and government. Access critical information from your audio files with our professional and efficient transcription service.

Asian woman writing on notepad with laptop and headphones.

Professional transcription services at your convenience

We can help you efficiently translate and manage the critical information from your audio files, in multiple languages.

Upload files

Through, our advanced technology platform, you can upload your audio files to be transcribed.


As per our Quality Assurance Process, we retain two professional linguists to review your files before completing the project.

Industry experience

We are experts in transcriptions across multiple industries such as legal (police, lawyers, and court), insurance, and medical.

File formats

We can transcribe almost all audio formats including wav, mp3, bwf, aiff, au, and pcm. Written audio transcripts are also available.

Cost factors

We always offer competitive rates and fair pricing. However, there are a number of variables which could impact the cost of your transcription project. Contact us to receive a detailed quote for your next transcription project.

Man on office transcribing an audio file with headphones on

Sound quality

The quality of sound from your audio files should be clear and easy to understand. When the sound quality is poor, the project will take longer to complete.

Number of languages

The number of languages you need the audio file transcribed into will affect the price of your transcription project.

Length of audio file

The price of our transcription service depends on the length of the audio files.

Volume of editing required

The final cost will be affected by the the number of post-editing rounds required to enhance the quality of your finished product.

Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages and locales for over 50 years

We are Canadian French translation experts and work with more than 500 languages. Our team personally manages client projects following global best practices using our world-class infrastructure. Plus, we only assign pre-qualified linguists who have executed contracts and pass per project quality assessments.