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Unlocking the Power of Language

Translation & interpretation specialists backed by advanced technology

Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages and dialects for over 50 years

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At All Languages we are committed to producing accurate, timely, and secure translations. Whether you utilize one of our skilled professionals or our automated service, we promise to deliver quality translations to meet every budget and every business need.

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Our professionally certified interpreting services are available on demand and around the clock. In person, via phone, or online, with All Languages you can be assured of a exceptional client experience and a world class interpreting service every time.

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Canadian owned & operated

As Canada’s longest continually operating Translation and Interpreting multilanguage service provider, our clients benefit from our authentic culture and our efficient but friendly North American business operation. In fact, if you’re looking to get any language translated into English, there’s no better place than right here in Canada, the world’s most multicultural country. We are proud to be Canadians supporting Canadians.

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Specialist services

AODA remediation

AODA remediation will ensure your messages are effectively conveyed for users of adaptive technologies.

Chaperones & English readers

Our professional chaperones & English readers work ranges from assisting with the completion of forms as well as multi-party interactions.

Captions & subtitles

Open your video content up to a whole new audience through our advanced subtitling service.


Copy editing

Improve the impact and effectiveness of your writing through our comprehensive copy checking and editing process.


Our experienced professionals are here to tackle the hardest of communication challenges.

Remote interpreting

Access our instant, cost-effective remote interpreting service anywhere and any time of day.

Simultaneous interpreting

When multiple languages are involved, a new set of challenges arises. We’re here to help.


Sometimes accuracy isn’t enough. Transcreation maintains the intent and impact of your message.


Need a written record of your conversation? Transcription is ideal for law enforcement, legal, insurance, and government services.

Translation outsourcing

Your trusted internal translation team and ‘go-to’ specialists for business process outsourcing.


A professional narrator enables you to add sincerity and clarity to your content by connecting with your audience in their own language.


See our whitepapers for more news and case studies showcasing our specialist services and their application across our extensive client base.

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What 50 years of experience delivers…

As Canada’s leading provider of translation and interpreting services, every day we see lives and livelihoods transformed by the power of language. For business, quality translations unlock the door of opportunity to thousands of potential new customers. For an individual, a quality translation can be life changing. Speak with someone in their own language and you immediately open up a new world of understanding and connection.

Our people

Our recruitment process identifies and retains the top 5% of applicants, producing a world-class team of qualified language professionals.

World-class service

We believe we are great at what we do and that’s why we want our customers to be happy. We look to ongoing feedback from our clients and value their testimonials and Google reviews.  Approximately 97% of all who work with us would refer a friend or colleague.

Robust technology platform

At All Languages the user experience is everything. Self-serve at to the latest in state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, we deliver customer satisfaction by incorporating technological innovation into all aspects of our work and systems.

Experienced innovators

With five-decades of linguistic services experience, we have a proven record of being industry disruptors and innovators. As a Certified Language Service Provider, we are held to the highest standards and are committed to an ongoing process of quality improvement.



We understand privacy and security matters to you. We are highly experienced in the sensitive treatment of confidential information and have invested heavily in technology which helps ensure the secure and safe treatment of your business assets.


Having worked with some of the largest public and private organizations in Canada and around the world, we’ve built a reputation for delivering outstanding translation and interpreting solutions.  

Some of our clients

Industries we support

We have built long-term relationships providing translation and interpreting services to high profile clients in key industry segments.

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How All Languages helps organizations with multilingual E-Learning needs.

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Discover how All Languages assists the Insurance industry.

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Learn how All Languages works to support the Legal sector.

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Find out how All Languages supports the translation needs of Manufacturers.

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Explore how All Languages assists healthcare and medical professionals.

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Mining & exploration

Discover how All Languages supports the mining and exploration industry.

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Social services

Learn how All Languages helps social services individuals and organizations.

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Technology & software

Discover how All Languages provides support to the technology sector.

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Other industries

Explore how All Languages assists a diverse range of industries.

Translation technology you can rely on

For more than 50 years All Languages has been leveraging technology to efficiently deliver language services. From individuals to large corporations, we believe everyone should have access to high quality, consistent translations. That’s why we continue to invest in the latest systems, AI, and machine learning technology. Our automated systems and 24/7 self-service at are evidence of our determination to deliver customer satisfaction through the ongoing pursuit of innovation across all aspects of our work and processes. We do all this with one purpose in mind; to better serve you and your business.

Whitepapers and Case Studies

At All Languages we believe it is important to share our knowledge and experience.
Our whitepapers take a detailed look at the latest developments in the fields of interpreting and translation.

Case study: An integrated rebranding and translation solution

Case study: An integrated rebranding and translation solution

When a business undergoes a major rebrand, it typically falls to the marketing agency to apply the ‘new look’ throughout the company. Unfortunately, when the business has an immense catalogue of publicly-facing materials, the cost of rolling out the new brand to every aspect of the organization can be highly prohibitive.

read more