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Purchasing managers

Helping purchasing managers optimize the value of their translation and interpreting investment.

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All Languages advises purchasing managers on how to get the best deal whilst maintaining quality

As a buyer of translation and interpreting services, you need to know what you’re paying for and what to expect on delivery. From consecutive interpreting to machine translations, at All Languages, we help demystify the industry jargon and provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed and reliable investment.

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What to look for

We show you what to do and what not to do when sourcing translation and interpreting products and services.

Understanding procurement

From source to client, we are experts in supply chain management and oversight.

Interpreting consolidation

Volume discounts, centralized billing and customized reports are just some of the benefits realized through interpreting consolidation.

Translation consolidation

Enjoy lower costs and faster delivery timelines via a process of translation consolidation.

Minimizing risk, maximizing quality

We show you the mistakes to avoid to ensure you get the best value out of your translation and interpreting investment.

Toward more accurate translation pricing

For many years, the translation pricing method was simple. Take the number of words and multiply it by the cents per word rate.

Now, with the advent of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, Translation Service Providers (TSP) can do so much more than just counting the total words in a project.

Now, TSPs can get an accurate picture of how much work is involved in translating a project by performing a Translation Memory (TM) analysis that identifies repetitions in source text as well as the TM.

The result is far more accurate pricing estimates and outcomes, a win-win for translation suppliers and purchasers.

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Need to include interpreting or translation services in your latest Request for Proposal?

We can help draft your next RFP.

Who we help

  • Translation managers
  • Language specialists
  • Head of translation
  • Translation coordinators
  • Vendor managers
  • Vendor resource managers
  • Vendor project managers
  • Category managers
  • Translation project managers
  • Strategic sourcing managers
  • Strategic supplier managers
  • Vendor resource managers
  • Outsourcing managers
  • Localization vendor managers
  • Localization specialists
  • Localization project managers
  • Directors of globalization
  • Procurement consultants
  • Heads of procurement
  • Supply chain directors

  • Supply chain managers
  • Global procurement directors
  • Business services managers
  • BPO managers
  • Languages resources managers
  • Contract managers
  • Heads of content
  • Content managers
  • Strategic buyers
  • Project managers

Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages and locales for over 50 years

We are Canadian French translation experts and work with more than 500 languages. Our team personally manages client projects following global best practices using our world-class infrastructure. Plus, we only assign pre-qualified linguists who have executed contracts and pass per project quality assessments.

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