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Chaperones & English readers

Our professional chaperones & English readers act as impartial witnesses. Their work ranges from assisting with the completion of forms as well as multi-party interactions.

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Chaperone services

We provide chaperone services in medical or legal settings where clients require an impartial witness to the interaction between the limited English-speaking client and all parties involved. They are professionals who have gone through our screening process, completed a Police and Criminal background check, and signed a contract referencing confidentiality and privacy. Chaperones may sign a witness waiver detailing their role as a chaperone that is provided by the medical office they attend.

English reader services

English reader services are usually provided to help a client fill out forms or questionnaires where a catastrophic injury has impaired their concentration level and/or where literacy is an issue. These are qualified professionals who have gone through our screening, completed a Police and Criminal background check and have signed a contract referencing confidentiality and privacy.

Booking a chaperone or English reader for your business needs

Booking a Chaperone or an English Reader is a simple and professional process. To provide you with the best possible experience, here’s what we need to know to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Date, time, and location

Where, when, and for how long do you require the service? Ensure this professional does not have to leave before you are done.


Assignment type and specific detail

Appointment domain and nature? Eg. Medical-rehabilitation, legal-discovery, education-parent meeting.

Gender considerations

Is this an assignment where gender should be considered, such as a medical appointment? Please request only when necessary.

Name of preferred interpreter, if applicable

If you would like to request a specific interpreter, please ask for them by name.

File name and reference number

Reference numbers typically help with client filing and invoicing. File name help when the interpreter, chaperone or English Reader doesn’t know the client.

Person interpreter contacts upon arrival

Who will be meeting our interpreter when they arrive, or which desk should they to go to? Providing this level of detail assists in avoiding late starts.

Special instructions

Is there anything else we should know? For instance, what are the parking arrangements on the day, are there appointment risks, or specific internal policies relevant to the assignment.

Notify us of any issues

Not everything goes to plan. Please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel or if there are any issues regarding your appointment. We can likely help ensure your session proceeds as scheduled.

Value-added services

We can help you reduce missed appointments, save time, costs, and solve an urgent need.

Client reminder calls & emails

Our interpreters can make reminder calls 48 to 72 hours in advance of scheduled appointments to reduce missed appointments and “no show” expenses.

Same-day service

Our team goes the extra mile to help you find the best possible service when an urgent situation arises. Strong relationships with many high-caliber vendors helps us go the extra mile on short notice.

Custom invoicing

To reduce hassle, we offer free of charge monthly or per order invoicing. We also provide free of charge third-party invoicing to increase efficiency and decrease accounting errors for all parties.

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How to book an in-person appointment

Our world-class self-serve portal allows customers to book appointments (whether for themselves and/or on behalf of third parties). A truly full-service platform.

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