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Social services

All Languages’ translation and interpretation specialists provide essential support to individuals and organizations across the social services sector. From health care to schools, home visits to police stations, our experienced and qualified professionals help to break down language barriers.

Some of our social services clients

Where we interpret

Common settings and kinds of interpreting work that we have encountered.


Interpreters for health and social service matters. We support intake staff, nurses, and social service workers for access visits and family meetings on site or by telephone.

Police stations

Interpreters aid communication between agency workers, police, and family members. Special requests are often made in terms of gender or cultural sensitivities.


Agencies or a school will call for interpreters to attend meetings when children exhibit unusual behavior, appear under stress or are showing signs of abuse.

Social services offices

We enable communication on matters related to counselling, employment, housing, reintegration into a community, positive problem-solving and life skills.

Specialized translation services

We can help you efficiently translate and manage the critical information that needs to be communicated in multiple languages.

Technical translations

Once we understand your project details and timelines, we’ll choose a professional translator with the qualifications and deep technical experience you need.

Large-sized manuals

From past experience, we know manuals can be very large. When multiple translators are required, they will collaborate and share the same Termbases and CAT tools.

Translation consolidation

We provide an analysis that shows you the measurable benefits of consolidating your translation needs with one provider. Gain speed, consistency and reduced costs.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

DTP experts ensure the readability and layout of multilingual content. Send us your source files and we’ll return a print-ready translated document(s).

The value of experience

We serve many highly recognized organizations and understand the critical importance of quality interpreting.

Highly qualified translators

We have a large base of translators with manufacturing experience across many sectors. Our linguists have the industry-specific technical knowledge you need.

Accurate & efficient

Translators use our world-class platform and Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Knowledge and technical power ensures accuracy, consistency, and cost efficiency.

Confidentiality & security

We are compliant with PHIPA and hold Government Security Clearances at the Protected A&B levels. We are trusted to safeguard sensitive information, assets and work sites.

Large resource base

There are 1,500 interpreters in our database with social services experience. They are trained to be impartial when working with counselors who are being compassionate, patient, optimistic and building trust with a client.

Tiered levels of quality

We offer three quality levels – custom, medium and high. This ensures you get the right level of interpreter to meet your needs. Rates will vary according to the qualification level of the interpreter required.

Specialized knowledge

We assign professional interpreters who are experienced dealing with people dealing with sensitive situations such as legal conflicts, poverty, low income, unstable family situations as well as gender-based violence.

York Region Children's Aid Society
As a child protection worker, I have to respond to ...
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As a child protection worker, I have to respond to crisis calls in the community and often require the services of interpreters to assist me on short term notice. All Languages is always able to to assist me, and the staff are both professional and helpful.
York Region Children's Aid Society
York Region Children's Aid Society
As always, the services that I receive from All Languages ...
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As always, the services that I receive from All Languages are extremely helpful. The interpreter was punctual and effective, and the scheduling process is easy. The coordinators are helpful and efficient, and it is always a pleasure speaking with them.
York Region Children's Aid Society
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Great and easy service!
Great and easy service!
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Durham Children's Aid Society
Interpreter was great! She was warm and friendly, and did ...
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Interpreter was great! She was warm and friendly, and did a great job. The family was comfortable with the process and reported positive feelings about the experience.
Durham Children's Aid Society