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Technology & software

We support leading technology companies with specialized translation and interpretation services. From software support to the latest in e-learning, we have extensive expertise integrating multiple language requirements across a diverse range of online platforms and systems.

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Some of our Technology & Software clients

The value of experience

Our 50 years of experience empowers us with the knowledge to best serve you.

Highly qualified translators

We have a large base of translators with technology and software experience across many sectors. Our linguists have the industry-specific technical knowledge you need.

Accurate & efficient

Translators use our world-class platform and Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Knowledge and technical power ensures accuracy, consistency, and cost efficiency.

Consistency across languages

Technology and software companies often have operations around the world. We are experts at ensuring consistency across all languages and produce every translation using our own resources.

Specialized services

We can help you translate and manage the specialized information that must be communicated in multiple languages.

Technical translations

Once we understand your project details and timelines, we’ll choose a professional translator with the qualifications and deep technical experience you need.

Large-sized manuals

From past experience, we know manuals can be very large. When multiple translators are required, they will collaborate and share the same Termbases and CAT tools.

Translation consolidation

We provide an analysis that shows you the measurable benefits of consolidating your translation needs with one provider. Gain speed, consistency and reduced costs.

E-learning programs

More companies are using E-learning to distribute high quality training programs in multiple languages. We have the linguist talent and production capabilities you need.

Interpreting services

Our interpreting services enable you to communicate across the entire supply chain, open up new markets, train employees and connect with students no matter their language or culture.

Over the phone interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Video remote interpreting

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Documents we translate

Centralize all your translations with us and enjoy increased consistency plus cost savings.

Our advanced translation technologies identify repetitions from previous projects, so we don’t have to translate the same sentences, or unique words, over and over again. This increases consistency and lowers your overall per-word costs. It makes good sense to designate us as your primary provider to enjoy these benefits. Below is a partial list of past projects.

  • Affidavits
  • Agreements
  • Complaint forms
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Contracts
  • Corporate documents
  • Court forms
  • Financial information
  • Labour documents
  • Land deals
  • Medical reports
  • Offering memorandums
  • Medical reports
  • MSDS
  • Notices requiring responses
  • Patents & trademarks
  • Police reports
  • Regulations

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