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Copy editing

Improve the impact and effectiveness of your writing through our comprehensive copy checking and editing process. Your clients deserve quality content and that’s where our spelling, grammar and fact-checking service make a real difference.

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Why invest in copy editing services?

For companies whose brand image is important, copy editing services are an integral part of the content supply chain process. Well-written documents reflect positively on your business, enabling you to enjoy better connections with your target audience.

Translation clients

Higher quality source text allows for a better quality translation. Copy editing source texts before translation will reduce ambiguities and errors, which saves time and money.

Retail organisations

Have you ever read a poorly written label, menu, manual, or website? Trusted organizations, restaurants, and retailers engage us to ensure you do not.

Subject matter experts

Most people who produce content are not writers or editors, but their target audience often requires greater clarity.

Four stages of the copy editing process

There are typically four stages in the copy editing process. Your desired level of quality will affect the copy editor selected for the work as well as the resulting scope.

Structural editing

Assessing and shaping draft material to improve its organization and content.

Stylistic editing

To help clarify meaning, ensure coherence, flow, and refinement of language.

Copy editing

For accuracy, consistency, and completeness to desired quality level.


Review material in its final format to correct errors in textual and visual elements.

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Quality lens

When it comes to editing our clients’ texts, most projects involve one of the following:

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Light editing

Checking basic elements such as punctuation, subject-verb agreement, or correction of a few sentences.

6–8 (250 word) pages per hour

Medium stylistic editing

Awkward sentences, stilted paragraph transitions, and style or consistency corrections.

3–4 (250 word) pages per hour

In-depth editing

When structure, content, language and style editing is needed; this may involve major rewriting.

1–3 (250 word) pages per hour