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Simultaneous (conference) interpreting

Planning an event or conference requires exceptional coordination and close attention to detail. When multiple languages are involved, a new set of challenges arises. We’re here to help.

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Simultaneous versus conference interpreting?

While the terms are often used synonymously, they are not the same.

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Simultaneous interpreting

The nearly instantaneous delivery of the speaker’s message from the source language into the target language. This mode is cognitively demanding, and the interpreters are of the highest caliber.

Conference with lots of people

Conference interpreting

May be either consecutive or simultaneous in mode, but involves the interpreter working in “one direction” of language transfer only, usually from one language into their first or preferred language.

Quality solutions

Simultaneous interpreting industry standards are followed to help deliver best results for both our clients and interpreters alike, the most important components of which are listed below.

Interpreter selection

These are the highest caliber of interpreter credentials available. They typically include two or more of a Masters in Conference interpreting or similar degree, professional accreditation, and 3+ years experience.

Reference material

Providing both source and target language content such as the agenda and PowerPoint presentations will help interpreters deliver higher quality interpretation of the live speech(es).

Number of interpreters needed

Interpreters work in pairs, usually switching every 20 minutes to help alleviate cognitive load and maintain quality. Assignment duration and number of concurrent breakout rooms determine how many are needed.

Sound quality

Whether on-site or remote, audio sound quality, latency, and the ability to hear your desired language alone or at a higher volume than the speaker is the most important.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Remote work requires similar environments to on-site, plus good software and fast reliable internet. Major platform considerations include sound quality and how many language channels are available.

On-site services

Service delivery relies upon soundproof booths, consoles and transmitters, plus portable headsets for attendees. Equipment set-up and technical support throughout the booking is needed.

How to book a simultaneous interpreter

Please book as early as possible. Planning months ahead will help us to achieve the best results for your event. These interpreters are in high demand and often booked well in advance.

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