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Secure and reliable technology.

Our knowledge, skills, and rapidly evolving IT systems are embedded in all service offerings at no cost to you. 

A technology stack you can rely on for all your linguistic services needs

Delivering innovation through our ongoing investment in the latest systems, Al, and machine learning. We invest in highly customizable solutions and complex workflow design to better serve you and your business.

Client service portal - 24/7/365

Our portal provides clients free access to our multi-million dollar technology platform, plus request service from our extensive list of professional linguists at any time. It is the tip of the iceberg we are happy to share.
Key features:
  • All-inclusive app for placing, editing, tracking & modifying orders
  • Interpreting requests (Face-to-face, video remote and over-the-phone)
  • Translation requests (70+ file formats, desktop publishing, and machine translation)
  • Specialist services (Transcription, copy editing, subtitling, voice overs, etc.)
  • Account history (Replicate orders, make payments, and view usage reports)
  • More than 500 languages and dialects, including Canadian French

Interpreting Order Management System (IOMS)

IOMS is built to manage all verbal-linguistic service requests and provides customers with a consistent, user-friendly streamlined process.
Key features:
  • End-to-end resource selection and management system informs team when needed
  • Multi-modal service delivery options (face-to-face, over-the-phone and video remote)
  • COVID screening and customer acknowledgement requests
  • Customizable workflows that make it easy to work with us
3rd party platform integrations
We have integrated with procurement and healthcare management systems such as eClaims and SmartSimple to automate the intake, scheduling, and delivery of qualified interpreter services.

Translation Order Management System (TOMS)

TOMS manages all written linguistic service requests and intergrates into our Vendor Management System, an enterprise-level Global Management System (GMS) with integration into “Trados”, and a suite of 60+ expertly tuned systems.
Key features:
  • Fully-customizable, centralized linguistic services technology
  • Workflow-based process automation platform that drives all translation project activities
  • Content integration through REST and JSON API’s to enable autonomous translation
  • 100+ file formats. (Text, HTML, XML, Office, Software, DTP, Embedded Content Processor, etc.)

Vendor Management System (VMS)

VMS is the portal used by our supply chain to apply for work. It enables us to streamline recruiting and vendor selection per client request based on domain preferences, transaction history, and client satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Multiple service-based datasets that collect data required for resource selection
  • Automated CV summaries for snapshot linguist selection
  • Certificate and security clearance management and validation
  • Integration into our order management, survey and intelligent vendor selection systems

Intelligent Vendor Selector (IVS)

IVS tracks, considers vendor CV and assignment history including compliments, complaints, and responsiveness. Then, based on client requirements, it ranks linguists to help coordinators consistently select the best available professionals.

Key features:

  • Facilitates performance-based vendor selection
  • Enables 24/7 service
  • Reduces delivery timelines
    Asian businessman laptop

    Application Programming Interfaces (API's)

    Eliminate administrative costs and delays through an autonomous service delivery model with end-to-end security. Our team has created fully customized solutions; no need to manually send emails or log into a portal equals faster, more consistent and lower cost.

    Key features:

    • Translation API enables continuous translation with 20 data sources in 70 file formats
    • Interpreting API integrates into scheduling platforms to eliminate coordination effort

    Platform features & 60+ business management system components

    We’ve hand-selected every component of our technology infrastructure to be integrated into an agile, secure, and enterprise-level platform that consistently delivers innovative world-class service.

    Reports manager

    All reports created to manage the business are saved here, including any custom ones key clients may have requested. These are run on-demand as well as automatically delivered via email at agreed upon intervals.

    Workflow management systems

    Our custom-built solutions help streamline complex processes and consistently deliver quality service faster; account set-up effort early on enables us to work with great humans at value-added steps only, which helps to reduce costs.

    Automated communications

    Order confirmations, supply chain offers, exception-based notifications, satisfaction survey requests, invoices, customized reports, and more. And customers can select many of which to receive through the portal.

    Survey system and KPI dashboards

    Custom landing pages collect various types of data to measure against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). World-class service is consistently delivered by addressing issues in real-time and consistently improving based on feedback received.

    Custom customer solutions

    Our IT team routinely customizes our platform at no additional cost. These customisations typically deliver streamlined processes that reduce human error, costs, and delivery timelines so that working with us is a breeze.

    Consolidation options

    Our tech delivers far beyond traditional consolidation benefits. We review current state, structure your data, and set your organisation up so you can focus on core competencies while communicating across language barriers with ease.


    Security platform features

    We understand that the privacy and security of our clients are very important. A rigorous cybersecurity and compliance program helps in protecting our clients’ confidential information all day, every day, to ensure employees & contractors can only access data they are authorized to view.

    24/7 Monitoring

    We leverage sophisticated cybersecurity technologies that alert us if there’s a suspected threat of malicious behaviour that could compromise your data.

    Canadian-hosted data

    Keeping your data within Canadian data-centres ensures it is held to the highest security standards as well as allowing for fast and easy data-recovery.


    Data is stored and encrypted on highly-secured servers under lock & key with controlled private access. Access to the server is done through 256-bit encryption.

    NIST & ISO 27001 best practices

    We perform annual penetration tests of all critical systems, data is encrypted at rest and in motion, clearly defined policies.


    All information provided to us is managed in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

    Secure, scalable and highly available

    Redundant, geographically dispensed replication across Canada, with an enterprise architecture leveraging HPE and Microsoft software technology.


    Artificial intelligence translations

    Fully customizable, affordable, and fast. Our Machine Translation (MT) service integrates into the very latest intelligence technologies to instantly generate translations required for internal users, chat boxes, and FAQs.

    Benefits of Machine Translation (MT)

    The volume of global content is exploding while the number of professional translators is decreasing. MT is a game-changer in filling the gap by producing instant and cost-effective translations of content that would otherwise not be translated.


    MT is the fastest way to receive translations. Our solutions work well for businesses that require high volumes of securely translated content; translations typically take 1 second per 1,000 words. Simply copy/paste, upload files, or enable secure API connections for a fully automated solution.


    MT enables organizations to cost-justify translation of content that was previously not available in multiple languages. Save money when speed and getting your message across matters most, and save more money with our specialized discount program and packages.


    Different types of content require different levels of quality. Select the domain of your content to get an immediate gist of the content, or have us train your dedicated MT AI engine and add human post-editing options to deliver human-level quality, faster. Whatever quality you want, we can deliver.

    Secure Instant Translation Application (SITA)

    SITA is our advanced machine translation tool. It delivers fast and accurate translations of your business documents, and stands above Google Translate and other internet applications in many ways.


    Free versus SITA

    Like a “Google Translate,” SITA is an easy-to-use instant translation tool. But with SITA, clients can access their trained hosted MT engine that produces better customized quality content.


    Unlike the free tools used by staff within many organizations whose data often unknowingly becomes public, data uploaded to SITA is held securely within Canadian data centres – your IP remains private.

    API integrations

    We use web integration technology to connect to client systems for instant posting of automated translations, as well as include experienced translators and CAT tools when customers also want quality.

    Multiple file formats

    Multiple file format support allows files to be uploaded and formatting retained after translation. Ideal for simple formats that automatically accommodate for text length changes such as XML or MSWord.

    Desktop & SSO application platform

    Our SITA application is available in a secure single-sign-on app and a desktop feature depending on your organization’s security preferences.

    Thomson Rogers
    Very pleased with the service you provide, whether my booking ...
    Read full testimonial
    Very pleased with the service you provide, whether my booking is made over the phone or on-line.
    Thomson Rogers
    Scarborough Health Network
    Easy to reach and book interpreters who are always punctual ...
    Read full testimonial
    Easy to reach and book interpreters who are always punctual well-mannered and appropriately boundaried. My experience with the agency has been excellent. Highly recommended to anyone needing interpretation services.
    Scarborough Health Network
    Laxton Glass
    Order was placed on-line and, recent interpreter was delightful.
    Order was placed on-line and, recent interpreter was delightful.
    Laxton Glass
    Chubb Insurance
    Really enjoying the portal and very easy to make new ...
    Read full testimonial
    Really enjoying the portal and very easy to make new assignments. Even was able to provide my colleagues quick tutorials of how to use it.
    Chubb Insurance
    Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
    I placed an online request from your website and anything ...
    Read full testimonial
    I placed an online request from your website and anything that required further information, I was contacted via e-mail and my request was placed right away with a confirmation.
    Aviva Insurance Company of Canada

    Client portal

    Our self-service client portal,, is your one-stop shop for all your interpreting and translation needs. Place, edit, and track your orders across more than 500 languages and dialects, including Canadian French. login screen image.
    Man with grey shirt and glasses looking at a laptop with a woman at a business meeting.

    Translating and Interpreting 500+ languages including Canadian French

    Our head office is in the world’s most multicultural city, and we assign only pre-qualified linguists who have executed contracts and pass per project quality assessments. Client projects are managed following global best practices using a world-class infrastructure, plus both a Canadian and global supply chain.