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A professional narrator connects with your audience in their own language, adding sincerity and clarity to your sales, training, and marketing content. From e-learning to advertising, we are your ‘go-to’ voice-over experts across multiple file formats.

Asian woman doing voice over on microphone reading notes

Why use All Languages for voice-over services?

Voice-overs are used in various e-learning environments, corporate training and videos, and more. We’re the one-stop-shop for your voice-over needs: working with multiple file formats and the ability to produce any type of finished product.


We specialize in the ability to handle the translation side of the voice-over by taking English or French audio files, perform the voice-over, then translate it into multiple languages.

File formats

We are able to utilize all major file formats. We also have the ability to handle various requirements such as audio-to-audio, written script-to-audio, and embedding the audio into a video.


Our voice-over talent is hand-picked according to their strengths. For quality assurance, every project is over-looked by a second linguist before completion to ensure perfection.

Fair pricing

We have a “can-do” attitude and offer quality levels to suit every budget. Keep in mind the quality level, the review process, the audio quality, and the number of files all have an impact on cost.

Understanding the different levels of quality

We offer two different quality tiers to suit every budget and business need. Please note that these different tiers have an effect on price.

Woman recording voice over on microphone

Good quality

  • Fully bilingual talent with little or no experience but well briefed on the subject and requirements of the project
  • General communication, non-technical
  • Small-sized or portable recording booth with PC-based software tools

High quality

  • Semi-professional talent with past voice-over experience
  • Corporate E-Learning, Learning Management Systems platforms, web videos
  • Home studio or professional studio