Our consulting services are ideal for companies that are facing language-related operational challenges, planning to grow into new markets, or seeking to generate more value from their language-services budget.

We can help you achieve your goals by sharing the knowledge and experience we've gained as an industry leader for over 45 years. We can provide you with the insights, solutions and execution skills you need to help turn your plan into reality.

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Sectors served

For more than four decades, All Languages has been helping companies in virtually all sectors of the economy communicate in a multitude of languages. We are proud to be the language firm of choice for many public sector, small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies

  • Advertising
  • Arbitration services
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Federal government
  • Financial services
  • Graphic design

Knowledge centre


For more than 45 years, All Languages has been an industry leader; we have developed a deep understanding of how language-services providers can help customers overcome language barriers. We're sharing this knowledge in the form of an "Insight Series" to help you better understand our industry and help you achieve your business goals. All the documents are written in a customer-friendly style so they can be useful to a wide range of people across your organization. We encourage you to share our Insight Series with your colleagues so they too can be become well-informed buyers of translation and interpreting services.



(Left to right)

Paul Penzo, President

Robert Bantock,
Director Finance

Many companies with a large requirement for document translation have chosen to build an international translation department without realizing the full costs and long-term impacts on business performance. Translation is complex and requires expert knowledge, extensive resources and exceptional processes. By outsourcing your translation requirements, you will share in our economies of scale, resources and technical expertise. The benefits to your company are lower overall costs, faster turnaround, high quality and improved consistency. We can provide you with a business case, ROI analysis and transition plan.

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RFP development


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Frances Adler,
Director of Interpreting Services

Paul Penzo, President

Unless you are a language-services professional, it is difficult to fully understand the intricacies of how to prepare an RFP for translation and/or interpreting so you can achieve the maximum value for your budget. Our approach will enable you to identify vendors that have the flexibility, experience and ability to innovate which typically results in a better, lower-priced solution. We work closely with your purchasing department and offer valuable guidance in these areas:

  • Requirements-gathering to fully understand your needs and operations
  • Knowledge transfer to help you develop the sourcing strategy and decision-making process
  • Detailed scoping and defining of the desired end state
  • Designing the RFP to extract value
  • Pricing strategies including recommendations and alternatives
  • Final RFP document development that includes all deliverables

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(Left to right)

Peter Whelan, IT Manager

Paul Penzo, President

Haida Wang, Senior Systems Analyst

Eric McStravick, IT Team Lead

The larger your translation-asset base, the more important it is to manage it effectively so that consistency and quality go up, and costs go down. We can help you centralize, store, and manage your assets by providing the following services:

  • Style-guide creation including glossary of terms
  • Terminology extraction
  • Importing of termbase (TB) and translation memory (TM) from multiple sources
  • Creation of a single centralized TB and TM

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