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Reduce language costs.

Create value in business translations.

Understanding the unique needs of your business enables us to provide helpful advice and exceed your expectations.

We have over 45 years of experience serving professionals in all industries. Whether your company requires translation or interpreting services, we can meet your needs and expectations. We can show you how to improve quality while reducing out-of-pocket and administration costs.

understanding business translating and interpreting needs

What do our clients have to say?

Hover over the pictures and the client quotes will appear. These are just a sample of many comments we receive from our clients. Detailed references are available by request.

  • certified translation for business advertising

    “All Languages has been courteous, professional, and on time each and every time I’ve used them. Their team is diligent and very particular about the quality translations they provide. They are my translator of choice.”

    Project Manager with an advertising and communications company.

  • interpretation services for law firms

    “We love using All Languages’ interpreting services. The staff is professional and I get my booking done very quickly. Thank you for making my job easier.”

    Lawyer at a law firm with multiple offices in Ontario.

  • “As a child protection worker I have to respond to crisis calls and often require interpreters on short notice. All Languages is always able to assist me and the staff is professional and helpful.”

    Social worker for a major social services organization.

  • "The [organization] has hired All Languages to produce and translate our [marketing and technical collateral] for many years. Their ability to meet tight deadlines and their professionalism have made this yearly process seamless. All of the staff that we have worked with are very knowledgeable and provide us with excellent service. A great team!"

    Marketing coordinator at a major Canadian ministry

  • business translation language services for insurance industry

    “I have been using All Languages for 8 years and have never had a bad experience. This is the reason I will continue using their services.”

    Insurance adjuster with a major insurance company.

  • language interpreter services for hospitals

    “We have worked with All Languages for over 10 years. They give us prompt service and turnaround time, even when interpreting appointments are required on the same day. All Languages understands the high standards that we have and I highly recommend working with them.”

    Interpreting coordinator for a major Toronto hospital.

  • language translation for pharmaceutical companies

    “Thank you very much for working so hard to get a large number of translations completed within a short time. It is much appreciated.”

    Regulatory affairs associate at a large pharmaceutical company.

  • document translation services

    “We utilized All Languages for the production of our employee policy and practice manual. We were under very strict deadlines and their turnaround was extremely fast. We were very pleased with the result and will use them again.”

    Executive at an equipment financing company.

  • language translation for software companies

    “All Languages consistently provides high quality translations and strategic advice to improve our translation process. They are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy clients and I recommend their services.”

    Product marketing professional with a software company.

Sectors served

For more than four decades, All Languages has been helping companies in virtually all sectors of the economy communicate in a multitude of languages. We are proud to be the language firm of choice for many public sector, small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies

  • Advertising
  • Arbitration services
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Federal government
  • Financial services
  • Graphic design

Centralized Purchasing

Volume discounts

We can show you how to reduce your out-of-pocket translation and/or interpreting costs.

Translation - To generate discounts in translation, we utilize advanced translation management technologies to reduce per-word costs while maintaining consistency. As your translation assets grow, there are matching words (lowest cost), partial matches and new words (highest cost), all of which are charged at different rates.

Interpreting - Discounts are most often generated by leveraging our buying power with vendors. Essentially, we negotiate lower rates and pass the savings on to you.

Streamlined administration

Cut down the time you spend on administration and improve your accountability to management.

We can perform an end-to-end review of your workflow, suggest some improvements, and then configure our processes to align with yours. This can save you hours of time every month.

We can also discuss your reporting requirements in detail and have our IT team develop customized reports that integrate the data that's most important to you.

Dedicated teams

The more we know about you, your company, and your industry, the easier it is to do business. The opposite is also true.

We know that it's human nature to want to work with someone you know, and we support that idea.

But it's even more important to know that our coordinators actually work in teams so there is always someone that has quick access to information about your account and projects.

For large accounts, we assign an Account Manager who is responsible for ensuring that all expectations are met, project by project.

  • Knowledge transfer

    Share in the knowledge we've gained over the last 40 years.



Many companies with a large requirement for document translation have chosen to build an international translation department without realizing the full costs and long-term impacts on business performance. Translation is complex and requires expert knowledge, extensive resources and exceptional processes. By outsourcing your translation requirements, you will share in our economies of scale, resources and technical expertise.

The benefits to your company are lower overall costs, faster turnaround, high quality and improved consistency. We can provide you with a business case, ROI analysis and transition plan.

Connect with an Outsourcing Advisor

RFP Development


Unless you are a language services professional, it is difficult to fully understand the intricacies of how to prepare a request for proposal (RFP) for translation and/or interpreting so you can achieve the maximum value for your budget. Our approach will enable you to identify vendors that have the flexibility, experience and ability to innovate which typically results in a better, lower-priced solution.

We work closely with your purchasing department and offer valuable guidance in these areas:

  • Requirements-gathering to fully understand your needs and operations
  • Knowledge transfer to help you develop the sourcing strategy and decision-making process
  • Detailed scoping and defining of the desired end state
  • Designing the RFP to extract value
  • Pricing strategies including reccomendations and alternatives
  • Final RFP document development that includes all deliverables

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Language Technology


The larger your translation asset base, the more important it is to manage it effectively so that consistency and quality go up, and costs go down.

We can help you centralize, store and manage your assets by providing the following services:

  • Style-guide creation including glossary of terms
  • Terminology extraction
  • Importing of termbase (TB) and translation memory (TM) from multiple sources
  • Creation of a single centralized TB and TM

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