Chinese languages are not the same in every country.

In Chinese, the spoken languages are Cantonese (Hong Kong) and Mandarin (Taiwan and mainland China), while the written languages are Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan) and Simplified Chinese (mainland China).
We can handle any combination of languages, but to get the job done right, we need to know exactly which languages you require at the time you request a quote or place your order.


English to Traditional Chinese translation, and English to Simplified Chinese translation.

Whether your documents will be used in China, Canada or elsewhere in the world, we have native-speaking translators you can trust to get the job done right. All you need to do is provide us with the source text and some background information, and our experienced coordinators will advise you on the type of resources required, the services needed to deliver quality, the costs involved and turnaround time.

How we choose the right translator.
Industry standards we meet and certifications we maintain.

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Traditional Chinese to English translation, and Simplified Chinese to English translation.

Canada is rich with professional document translators whose native language is English and who read and write Chinese languages fluently. Your finished translation project will be accurate, ready to use, and will resonate well with your target audience.

How we select professional resources.
Why qualifications and certifications matter.
Quality assurance processes ensure consistency.

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Cantonese and Mandarin translations.

All translations that involve audio are handled by experienced coordinators. Quotes and orders cannot be placed online. Just click one of the links below and connect with a coordinator by email, or contact us by phone.

We can do it all... in every Chinese language

  • General communication
  • Construction documents
  • Contracts
  • Engineering details
  • Financial presentations
  • Government certificates
  • Label designs and packages
  • Legal documentation
  • Marketing creative
  • Medical information
  • MSDS sheets
  • Office forms
  • Proposals and RFPs
  • Signs
  • Software programs
  • Technical specifications
  • Manuals
  • Website content
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