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How we select an interpreter

Our highly experienced Interpreting Services Department will ask all the right questions to understand your needs so that the most appropriate interpreter is assigned. 

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    Put your trust in All Languages

    When it comes to booking an interpreter. You can count on All Languages to provide you with the best possible experienced and qualified interpreter.

    Factors we consider during recruiting include:

    • Languages spoken, countries resided in, and level of education received in each country
    • Linguist degrees, certifications, testing and training
    • Having passed a language test (CILISAT / ILSAT / etc.)
    • Years of experience within specific areas of practice
    • Context-specific training and terminology
    • Performance history
    • Certification status by any recognized body such as the IRB or Ministry of Attorney General or Language Interpreter Training Program (LITP) through the community colleges

    Interpreters who work for us typically have:

    • An undergraduate degree (not necessarily in languages or linguistics);
    • Native or near native-level fluency in the foreign language as well as fluency in English;
    • More than one year of specialized experience in interpreting, translating or other such experience requiring the use of English and the foreign language for which the interpretation/translation is being provided;
    • Training and/or certification with a language proficiency test;
    • Superior communication (oral and written) and customer service skills

    Pre-arrange interpreting services

    Face-to-Face, Over-the-Phone (OPI), and Video Remote (VRI)

    Ideally, all orders are placed via:

    Please create an account if you are new to the portal

    For all other inquiries:


    1-416-975-5297 or 1-888-975-4468

    “Quick connect” telephone interpretation 

    Connect to an interpreter in < 30 seconds – Ideal for Quick Communications & Emergencies. 24/7, 365 day service.


    1-866-895-7406 or 416-975-5394

    Your Account

    Have your account number ready to provide

    Interpreting Hours

    8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST.
    After Hours: Utilize the Quick Connect service.