Frequently asked questions


How many translators will work on my project?

We will only assign one highly qualified translator to your project to ensure consistency and high quality. If time is constrained, then we will assign multiple translators to your project to ensure your deadline is met, but only with your consent.

Why is reference material important?

It is important that we have your reference material so that we understand the context of the document. This allows for a higher quality translation.


How many words can one person translate in a day?

The average translator can translate anywhere from 1800-2200 words per day depending on the content of the documents.

How do you determine turn-around time?

We calculate the “normalized word count”, which considers how many words are new, similar, or repeated. That count is divided by the number of words translated per day for each language and domain. Finally, time is added for coordination and approval from a second linguist.


How are translation prices calculated?

There are many determining factors on how translation is priced. The main factors are the target language and the number of words to be translated into that language. Fewer words to be translated and more obscure target languages mean higher translation costs.

Are there any discounts to be had?

We apply discounts to large-volume orders, and keep a glossary of your previously translated content. The larger your glossary, the less of each document you pay for.

File types

Can you work with all file types?

We accept a wide variety of file formats including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Photoshop, Pages, Flash files, etc. It is recommended that editable source files be provided if available. We also accept audio and video files requiring transcription.


How quickly can I get a quote?

Basic quotes can be returned within 1-2 hours. Large or complex quotes may take up to one workday. A Coordinator will advise you if additional time is required.

Is there any obligation with a price quote?

No. All quotations are non-committal, free of charge and confidential.

Top languages

What are the top 10 translation languages?

By order of volume: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Japanese. All Languages provides translations and interpreting in over 180 languages.