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Frequently asked questions

From certifications, to qualifications, to booking rates, here are our answers to some of the key questions asked by clients when sourcing interpreting services from All Languages. 

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Are your interpreters certified?
The simple answer is that some are, and some are not. There is no one body that certifies interpreters, but All Languages is certified to provide services in accordance with the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS). We recruit interpreters who are language tested, have completed a recognized certified training program from college or university, or have trained through a variety of other government-funded agencies. Relevant experience is also considered.


Do you test your interpreters?
Our role is to recruit and retain the interpreters that meet your needs. We leave training to post secondary institutions. Our interpreter selection process is well-established and thoroughly proven. The factors considered during our recruiting process include:

  • Linguist degrees, certifications, testing and training
  • Countries resided in
  • Having passed a CILISAT or ILSAT language test
  • Years of experience within specific areas of practice
  • Performance history


Are the hourly rates the same for all language choices?
Hourly rates are the same for all spoken languages. American Sign Language is a different rate.

Are rates the same for all levels of qualifications?
No. We offer tiered pricing so you can get the right interpreter at the right price.

What is the minimum billing?
There is a 2 hour minimum or 75% of estimated booked time whichever is greater.

Booking Times

How much advance notice is required?
We have an excellent track record of filling same-day requests, but it is best to book your interpreter as far in advance as you can. Highly qualified interpreters are in great demand, and the best ones are often booked well ahead of assignments. Giving us more lead time to book appointments assures that we can provide you with the best interpreter available for your needs.

3rd Party Billing

How do you handle 3rd party billing?
For medical or insurance-related requests, third-party invoicing can be set up for you. Both the ordering and billing parties will receive confirmations for an interpreting request. Please call for more information regarding terms and conditions.

Travel Charges

When do you charge for travel and what is the rate?
Travel rates vary based on assignment context and location. Factors such as travel time and distance affect cost. Each order is confirmed and includes exact travel fees if any are applicable. Call us for more information.


How much notice is required and are there any cancellation fees?
Cancellation fees are charged only if cancelled less than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the scheduled date and time. In the above noted situation, interpreters are unable to find new assignments and charge us accordingly.

Reminder Calls

Can you call the LEP person prior to the appointment?
At no additional charge, interpreters will make reminder calls and/or set up appointments.

Best Practices

What is the best way to work with an interpreter?
Provide as much information as possible about the requested assignment, such as background. The information will assist the interpreter in researching the subject and familiarizing him/herself with the subject. Inform the coordinator of any known risks and provide any advice, protection and safety measures generally available to participants in the interpreted event.

Pre-arrange interpreting services

Face-to-Face, Over-the-Phone (OPI), and Video Remote (VRI)

Ideally, all orders are placed via:

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For all other inquiries:


1-416-975-5297 or 1-888-975-4468

“Quick connect” telephone interpretation 

Connect to an interpreter in < 30 seconds – Ideal for Quick Communications & Emergencies. 24/7, 365 day service.


1-866-895-7406 or 416-975-5394

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Interpreting Hours

8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST.
After Hours: Utilize the Quick Connect service.