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Canadian French translation

December 21, 2022
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Work more effectively in the official languages
of Canada and Québec.

Canada has two official languages, which means that companies need to comply with national regulatory laws when doing business anywhere in the country.

However, in Québec, French is the only official language, and the province has a very active regulatory body in charge of enforcement. Their role is to preserve, revitalize and promote Canadian French.

Having a clear understanding of the differences between the federal and provincial language laws and working with a translation service provider that has experience in Québec, will let you focus on what matters most – growing your business and satisfying your customers.

Cross-Canada language regulations

Federal legislation has established that English and French are the official languages of Canada and will be treated with equal status within the government of Canada. The legislation states that Canadians have the right to receive services from federal departments, courts and Crown Corporations in both official languages. The legislation also provides that Parliament will establish and communicate laws/regulations in both official languages and in equal legal weight. Official Languages Act Information

The goal of the legislation is to support the development of English and French-speaking minority communities and to advance the equality of both languages within Canadian society.

Since there are 1 million native Francophones outside of Québec, the government created bilingual requirements for packaging and labelling. Bill 40 mandates that all essential information must be in English and French, such as product name, ingredients, manufacturer’s and/or distributor’s address, and health or safety information. For complete details, visit: Government of Canada Resources, Regulations for Packaging and Labelling, Labelling Assessment Tools

Québec regulations

French is the only official language in Québec, and Bill 101 is designed to make it the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business.

If you are physically locating any part of your business in Québec, you are obliged to follow stringent language laws that cover everything from signage to internal and external communications.

More important is that you must comply with the regulations even if you don’t have a physical footprint and are using the internet to sell goods or services.

Article 52 of the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101 or French: Loi 101) requires that online content be drafted in French when it’s made available to Québec residents and aims at entering into a commercial act within the territory of Québec. For complete details, visit:
Background on Charter of French Language, C-11 Charter of the French Language,
French Language Tools and Documentation

A website would not pass the Charter’s test with French content that did not mirror the quality of language used in its English version. Plus, you must be able to toggle easily between English and French versions.

Social media pages and commercial tweets targeting Québec consumers must also be available in both languages. National merchants with a social media presence should maintain English and French social media profiles, whether they’re published on the same corporate page or on an English-only and a French-only page.

Comments posted by members of an organization’s social media audience do not require translation into French since they did not originate from within the organization and are not of a commercial nature.

Our Canadian translators produce high-quality Canadian French translations

There’s no better place to purchase English-to-French translations than right here in Canada. Our translators understand more than just the language… their work reflects the unique cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies of Canadian French as it is spoken and read from day to day.

They also have a working knowledge of the language laws at the federal and provincial levels.

We’ve been translating documents and content from English to Québec French for over 45 years. The majority of translation orders we receive involve English and French pairings, so we have the volume required to maintain a deep resource base of qualified linguists.

We can meet most of your translation needs

Here’s a list of the most common types of projects that we work on. If your type of project isn’t listed, don’t worry, we’ve probably done something like it before.

  • Advertising materials
  • Brochures
  • Blueprints
  • Certificates
  • Correspondence
  • Engineering projects
  • Financial documents
  • Forms
  • General literature
  • Labels and packaging
  • Legal documents
  • Manuals
  • Medical reports
  • MSDS sheets
  • Proposals and tenders
  • Signage
  • Technical information
  • Websites