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Case study: An integrated rebranding and translation solution

August 7, 2023
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rebranding and translation solution

When a business undergoes a major rebrand, it typically falls to the marketing agency to apply the new look throughout the company.

Unfortunately, when the business has an immense catalogue of publicly facing materials, the cost ofrolling out the new brand to every aspect of the organization can be highly prohibitive.

That was precisely the situation facing one of our clients, CBV Institute. The not-for-profit organization upholds standards for the Chartered Business Valuator profession through education, accreditation, and governance. Having undertaken a rebrand, CBV needed to apply the design to their education course materials.

At the same time, CBV was making significant content updates to all their existing training content, documents which also required translation. Faced with a tight turnaround to have the materials ready for distribution, CBV needed a cost-effective and efficient solution to what looked like a complex and expensive problem.


The brief

CBV asked All Languages if we could update their English design files using a layout based on the new brand guidelines and samples provided. A solution was required that would reduce the brand guideline implementation costs while maintaining quality consistency with CBV’s existing bi-lingual content and training material.

CBV wanted to know if there would be cost reductions during the subsequent translation process if we created the English files. They also needed to be confident the translated documents would retain the source material’s essence and intended learning outcomes.

Our solution

Having translated CBV’s course content for many years, we presented them with an integrated approach that brought together their translation and branding requirements into one simple solution. Our ability to work with design files means we know how to prepare them in a way that easily streamlines multilingual reproduction.

Our expertise engages desktop publishers to efficiently format and layout translated elements to reflect the original while complying with target language standards, as well as integrate translator approval cycles prior to client delivery. For CBV, as with all education providers, consistent levels of scaffolded learning and outcomes between languages is crucial. That’s where the All Languages terminology management model comes into its own. With no need to cut and paste copy, the professionally translated copy could be automatically inserted into the translation-friendly InDesign files, ready for client approval of the layout.

The outcome

All Languages delivered high-quality translated course materials to CBV that was consistent with their new brand guidelines. Our integrated approach ensured a consistent application of approved terminology and content, eliminating the need to quality-assure previously approved translations. For our client, the overall result was reduced translation and layout costs and faster delivery timelines.

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