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Interpreting consolidation

December 20, 2022
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Consolidating your interpreting services will deliver more value to you.

Most clients don’t realize that a thorough analysis of their language service needs, budgets and processes can lead to substantial savings in time and money.

By investing a small amount of time talking with a language services provider (LSP), a consolidation plan can be developed that could save thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your budget. In most cases, your LSP will prepare a plan free of charge to you. Ask your LSP today.

Benefits of consolidating interpreting services:

  • Centralized billing saves administration time at month-end
  • Customized reports simplify the accounting approval process
  • Volume discounts
  • Dedicated Interpreting Services Coordinator
  • Information Technology (IT) services to integrate with corporate systems or portals

Systems integration using an application programming interface (API)

Many clients with established procurement processes and policies use automated systems to consolidate all purchasing or appointment information into one area and provide users with seamless access.

Users enjoy using their own consolidated system to streamline administrative functions and display all needed information while no longer needing to relay or retype information.

When required, LSPs must interconnect with a corporate system or third-party buyer portal using an API. This requires skilled IT staff who can build a software-to-software interface that will allow separate systems to communicate. Only well-established and IT-savvy LSPs will have the in-house staff required to integrate with outside IT systems.

Example: All Languages is integrated with the E-Claims portal for health and insurance industry clients.

For more information about consolidating your interpreting services:
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Director of Interpreting Services 416-975-4175 /