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Client Focused Interpreting Operations

December 19, 2022
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Client Reminder Calls

Reduce the risk of missed appointments.


Fewer missed appointments by limited English speaking clients.

Saves all stakeholders time, money and frustration.

Keeps your cases/projects moving forward.

When a Limited English-proficiency Person (LEP) misses an appointment, it costs everyone time,
money and frustration.

Plus, when an interpreter is involved, a minimum charge has to be applied despite the fact the assignment did not get completed.

We don’t like applying these charges any more than
you do, so we did something about it.

Few things are as frustrating as having a key person fail to arrive for their appointment.


To reduce the risk of missed appointments by an LEP, we offer the “Client Reminder Call Service”. We will follow up with clients 48-72 hours prior to their appointment, to confirm that they will be attending.

If the LEP is not going to attend, we have enough lead time to alert the ordering party and get approval to cancel or reschedule the appointment.


Fewer appointments are missed by LEPs.
The Client Reminder Call Service has been very successful and has resulted in a minimum number of missed appointments.

This is a free, value-added service available to all interpreting clients.






Simply request the free Client Reminder Call Service when placing your order

with the Interpreting Services Department at 416-975-5297 or