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How does video remote interpreting (VRI) transform language services?

February 19, 2024
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How does video remote interpreting (VRI) transform language services

Are you curious about how digital technologies are revolutionizing the language services industry? The experts at All Languages share insights on how Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) bridges the gap between over-the-phone and on-site interpreting, especially in legal, education, conference, and healthcare settings. 

In today’s increasingly digital era, video content has become integral to our daily routines, replacing traditional face-to-face interactions and becoming a preferred medium for many types of meetings and in-person gatherings. As early adopters in the pre-arranged interpretation service delivery space, our clients were among few who remained able to communicate across language barriers during the early stages of COVID-19. And the subsequent global shift to video conferencing emphasizes the importance of integrating video in language services while relying upon an innovative and trusted partner. 

VRI provides many benefits 

What makes VRI a preferable option in language services? The professional interpreting service delivery team at All Languages highlight several advantages: 

Pre-arranged interpretation services: 

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to on-site interpreting for short sessions. 
  • Lower minimum billings and no travel expense. 

On-demand/quick-connect service: 

  • Great for short-duration or emergency calls. 
  • Pay-per-minute service model. 

Common benefits: 

  • Greater interpreter selection and availability that can result in higher interpreter qualifications. 
  • Better understanding of non-verbal cues compared to over-the-phone interpretation. 
  • Easier access to American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ) interpreters. 
  • Improved access to qualified interpreters in more remote areas. 
  • Services are accessible from any internet-enabled device. 
  • Client’s option to record or save video sessions. 

Enhanced security and user experience 

Security and ease of use are paramount across the full gamut of linguistic services, and VRI services are no exception. All Languages provides a secure, encrypted network, an interpreter call-back function to avoid lost calls, and a professional interface compatible with various devices and platforms.  

Utilizing VRI is straightforward. You just need a device with internet access and a webcam. All Languages’ service is hardware-agnostic, ensuring seamless access to high-resolution HIPAA-compliant video across different devices and platforms, ensuring clear communication. 

Interested in learning more about how VRI can benefit your organization? Contact All Languages for personalized advice and to explore our extensive language services.