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Interpreting Vendor Relations

December 20, 2022
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Building and managing a base of qualified interpreters helps deliver exceptional results.

Recruiting the best interpreters and building long-term relationships with them is an excellent way for a language service provider (LSP) to deliver a consistently high standard of service.

While it is true that all LSP’s use freelancers, no two LSP’s recruit, select and reward linguists the same way. It’s also accurate to say that not all LSP’s have invested in the processes and IT systems required to expertly manage profile information and monitor performance in the field.

When an LSP runs like a finely tuned machine, life is easier for all parties, and interpreters can focus on doing their best work and developing their careers.

Recruiting high-level performers

All Languages goes the extra mile to recruit high-level performers who will deliver exceptional service to clients. The interpreting team follows a strict screening and verification process to ensure a prospective vendor’s credentials are up-to-date, police checks are completed, and personal interviews are performed to ensure the vendor fully understands the code of ethics. Our team invests a great amount of time and effort upfront, so clients can count on a consistently high standard of service.

Technology-enabled vendor management

Interpreter Selector Tool
By investing in our own custom-built “Intelligent Selector” application, we’ve made it easy for interpreting coordinators to accurately match client needs with interpreter qualifications and to make intelligent decisions based on how each interpreter has performed.

When an interpreter is given a compliment or is requested by a client, the system captures that data and a coordinator will automatically assign that interpreter in future. The opposite is also true, so working this way keeps clients happy and compels the interpreter to do a great job every time.

To perform at maximum efficiency, the Intelligent Selector requires vendor profiles to be up-to-date. To simplify that process, a portal was created so that each vendor can securely access their records and update information as new certifications or accreditations are achieved.

Automated Reminder

Another unique feature of our custom IT systems is the Automated Reminder message sent to interpreters. Assignment details are sent to interpreters in advance, outlining their upcoming appointment. If required, Reminder Call information is included in the details for the interpreter to contact the client a few days in advance. This reduces client “no-shows” and cancellation charges.

Performance Monitoring for Quality Assurance

All Languages captures important feedback from e-mail surveys completed by clients, as well as from personal outbound follow-up calls made by the interpreting coordinators. Suggestions or operational issues that arise are acted upon quickly by the management team. Data on interpreter performance will move that person’s ranking up or down based on the data we receive.

Mobile Application Streamlines Administration

All Languages has a well-earned reputation for innovation and is one of the few ISPs that has invested in a Smart Phone application to process data immediately after services have been delivered. Now linguists can easily report their hours and travel expenses while on-site for faster, more accurate invoicing.

Most qualified vendors offered assignments first

We talk to interpreters every day and know that many prefer to work with All Languages versus other ISP’s for many reasons. One such reason is that we offer the most qualified vendors first right of refusal on lower rate assignments. Two of the greatest advantages are that:

  1. We often provide services of an over-qualified interpreter, which is of great value to clients; and,
  2. Offering highly qualified interpreters a greater volume of assignments helps towards earning a respectable income, which makes good interpreters happy.

For more information about interpreting services offered, to request an interpreter or learn more about our vendor resources:

Frances Adler
– Director of Interpreting Services
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